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pallet racking sales and installation
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Pallet rack volume discounts
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We buy your used pallet racking
Sales and services by O'Connor Properties
Sales and services by O'Connor Properties

Monday - Friday  7:30

Getting quick cash for your unwanted scrap is actually quite simple! First, call us so we can ask you a few short and simple questions about your scrap.

Getting an estimate from us for your scrap, has never been easier.

Selling your scap has never been easier.

First . . . give us a call and tell us what you've got.

Second . . . we'll probably ask you to take some photos of those items and then e-mail those photos to us As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Third . . . we'll tell you which items we have an interest in and what we'd be willing to pay.

No risk, no 'hard sell', just a simple conversation and a few photos.

When you want to sell, you can either deliver, or we'll come and pick it up! It's your choice.

Don't forget - At Industrial Installers, we are also pallet racking specialist, and we have in the past 'traded' our pallet racking services for your scrap, or your excess/damaged racking.

So if you need racking moved,modified, reconfigured, mezzanines added or moved, or most any 'rack-related' services, give us a call and let's talk!

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