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Valuable warehouse scrap is often something you've overlooked for years! You probably walk by it every day! At Industrial Installers we know that valuable scrap can be most anywhere. Often, you've been walking by it for years!

Valuable scrap is essentially anything you don't use any more and that's made of metal.

For example:

• damaged pallet racking, • non-functioning equipment, • manufacturing 'rejects' • defective inventory • old storage tanks • steel beams • piping and tubing • workbences

We also accept broken, obsolete, industrial equipment. Damaged pallet racking is a great source of valuable scrap! The more you look, the more you'll find valuable scrap!

Broken, obsolete, and warranty items can quickly be turned into cash!

If it's big, heavy, and made of metal . . . it's probably worth something!

• Damaged Pallet Racking • Conveyor systems • Dock doors, seals and levelers • Drive-In and Drive-Thru rack • Guard Rail and Gates • Catwalks • Mezzanines • Material Lifts • Wire Partitions • Industrial and Office Shelving • Partitions • Portable Offices • Tool Cribbing • Loading ramps • and just about anything made of metal!

Not sure if it's worth anything? Give us a call!